Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fernadez Bay, Cat Island, Bahamas

Forgot to add this photo yesterday.  When approaching Fernandez Bay we went from deep blue shimmery water to crystal clear shallow water.  It's always so lovely to see that demarcation line....

We took advantage of the calm morning to go on a couple-hour dingy ride thru the nearby Bonefish Creek mangrove area.

We had to do this at high tide because this area is often dry at low tide.

We had read that there was a blue hole - so we followed one of the creeks all the way back to this lovely example of a blue hole!

Really neat- you can see the ocean water swirling up from the blue hole.   There were several large ocean fish - a barracuda and a few snapper.

Going back out towards the ocean.  Even at high tide we hit bottom several times, turned the engine off and "poled" our way forward  with our paddles.

The cut back towards the ocean.

We spied a couple of dark spots in the water - followed them in the dinghy.  2 Manta rays.   This is as close as they would let us - lovely graceful creatures!

Back to the boat!

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  1. that top picture is so so the mangrove ride...