Sunday, March 17, 2019

Cockburn Town, San Salvador, Bahamas

We traveled about 35 miles northeast to San Salvador.  The first part of the trip was a little yucky with winds and waves on our nose.  We motored around the tip of Rum Cay into choppy seas.  I shot a little video.  The video actually looks tamer than it felt in real life. After about an hour, we were able to turn and sail so the ride was much better.

(The foresail is flapping because we have it ready to deploy once we turn and didn't want to have to go out on deck in the choppy seas).

Tried to get a photo of Now n Zen sailing along the San Salvador coast....

Arrived San Salvador - Leslie and Ralph needed to pick up Leslie's brother Jimmy and his wife Sheila at the airport for their visit.  Beautiful anchorage with big sandy beach.

Sojourn at anchor.

And Now n Zen

While Leslie and Ralph were running their errands, we wandered around town a bit.

Always love to see bananas growing in the yards.

Pretty sunset but no green flash.....

Since we were without a waterproof camera these past couple of weeks, we all decided to order one for each boat and have Jimmy & Sheila bring them to us.  Yay!   It has an underwater setting so looking forward to snorkeling tomorrow and trying it out.

Duane turned it on and snapped a quick pic of me....well, need to focus first!

We invited the weary travelers over for dinner - fun time and good conversations!  

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