Saturday, March 23, 2019

Fernandez Bay, Cat Island, Bahamas

We woke in the middle of the night with a wind shift, causing the boat to rock from side-to-side.  Nothing to be done, just irritating. 

So, we moved just 6 miles north to Fernandez Bay hoping to find a little protection from the ocean swell.

Lovely here.

There is a nice resort here, but we didn't go ashore.  The swell was still pretty bad.....the wind was from one direction, holding the boat 90 degrees to the swell.

So, Duane anchored the boat from the side instead of the bow!!  Seems pretty weird - but it holds the boat directly into the swell and stops that pesky side-to-side roll.  All was well for a pleasant afternoon of chores and reading.  (Red arrows show the line that makes a "bridle" to the anchor chain.

And another lovely sunset as a boat goes by in the distance.

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  1. neat about the anti-swell are so smart...