Sunday, March 10, 2019

Clarence Town, Long Island, Bahamas

Today we left early in the rental car to make it to the little farmer's market about 45 minutes away.

Drove thru some rain showers and were treated to a pretty rainbow when we arrived.

The farmer's market served mainly the visiting cruiser population.

Was interesting but not a huge amount of produce for sale.

Both Leslie and I had separately made coffee on our boats and proceeded to leave our "to go" cups on our we had a hankering for coffee.

We stopped at a little diner and asked for coffee.  We were brought cups of boiling water, instant coffee granules, canned milk and sugar.  I guess brewing coffee is not normal here!

Stopped by the Deadman's Cay airport just to check it out.

Back at the boat - this is all I got at the market - some nice fresh green peppers and a couple of papaya.  I'll report tomorrow on the papaya as I plan on that for breakfast.

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  1. Pretty rainbow...glad you got some fresh veggies...and that's funny about the coffee...I haven't had instant coffee since my last camping trip with the boy scouts...