Sunday, February 24, 2019

Salina Point, Acklins Island, Bahamas

Today we took a 5 mile dinghy trip across some rough water to see the abandoned lighthouse.

We had to walk up the sandy banks thru thick sea-grapes and other vegetation.

The lighthouse had been closed up, but the door was broken - so of course I peeked inside.

The bottom rungs of the stairs had been removed so I was not tempted to climb to the top.

This is looking up.

 There were two buildings that must have been the keeper's houses.

Near the house was what appears to be the kitchen.

I believe to the left is an oven.

The surge was so bad that we had to anchor the dinghies off the beach.  That mean Duane and Ralph had to drop the ladies on shore and then they had to swim in the surf!

Beautiful beach!  That's it for today, just a very bumpy 5 miles back to the big boats!

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