Friday, February 22, 2019

Delectable Bay, Acklin Island, Bahamas

Today was another rental car exploring day.  Driving along the road, we spotted this hand-water pump.  Just out in the middle of nowhere. 

We had read in the cruising guide that there was a old church ruin near Pompey Bay.  So we turned down the sand track.

But it quickly became a weedy track!   Our little rental car did well though.  We did walk the last little bit.

 Found the ruins of an old dock.  And eventually sighted the church far off up the beach.

It is a lovely church but obviously has seen it's share of time/weather.

I love the old shutters.  There is a brass plaque in the church honoring a woman who died in 1925 for her contributions to build the church.

On to the southern end of the island.

We went all the way south to the Salilna Point settlement.  It is the largest settlement on the island, but is very remote from most of the services on the island such as the mailboat.  Most of the residents work 30 miles north near Spring Point.

Stopped at Mo's market.  Enjoyed a visit with the shopkeeper while we got a few potatoes and a head of cabbage.

Off the paved road to another beach. (We took random side roads just to see what was at the end!)  Most of these beached have a fish cleaning station and appear to be used primarily by fisherman, not tourists.

Stopped the car from a "overlook hill" to see the ocean side.

Happened to notice this sign on the side of the road.

After a short walk, we were treated to a nice cave!!

This one was fairly dry and large.

We walked to one of the other entrances.

And soon we'd had enough of the mosquitos!

Back to the boats - pretty sunset - then popcorn and movie night.  Watched Master and Commander.  

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