Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hog Cay, Ragged Islands, Bahamas

We had a hiking morning.  There are several trails on the island that lead over to the Atlantic Ocean side.

The terrain here reminds me of parts of Australia.

Beautiful ocean view at the end of the trail.

And looking back at the calm anchorage to the west.

Another trail took us to a different beautiful bay.

Forgot to mention that we gathered firewood along the trail....gotta have more fuel for the nightly bonfires!  We loaded it up on the dinghy and took it over to the "hut".  Messy job!

We met a couple on the trail - Paul and Nancy from Rush'n Blue a Dean 44 catamaran.  They invited us over to take a look before the sunset.

Cool boat and nice folks.

The evening ended as usual here with a nice gathering at sunset at the Yacht Club hut.

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  1. ...pretty sunset...looks like a fun time...the water looks gorgeous as always...