Monday, February 11, 2019

Hog Cay, Ragged Island, Bahamas

This may be our last day at Hog Cay - so we will likely be without internet until Saturday Feb 16.  We'll be heading north to the deserted islands that we missed between here and Flamingo in the Jumntos.

A bit of a "living life on a boat post today".

Today started out rather stormy - and I decided I had time to do the laundry that had piled up.  It was very windy so I figured the clothes would dry quickly.

But before long, the showers started, the clothes were wrapping around the lines so I was forced to bring it all in under the cockpit roof.  

Then I got this idea that I wanted hot dogs.  But, as you know, commercial bread is not available here.  So I decided to try to make my own!  Never done that before.  Got a recipe from the web - it included eggs and butter.  Quite different than the bread I've been making.

Simple process - knead and form a rectangle.

Slice into 8 sections.

Form the buns and deeply score them . These will be "top loading" buns.

Rise as usual.  I am using quick yeast, so only one rise necessary.

Baked they turned out lovely!

YoulYo have to wait for the taste test as we will probably eat them tomorrow when we move north.

Time for a final sunset gathering at the yacht club hut.  Ralph brought his conch horns so that Nancy from Rush'n Blue could try it.  A natural!

And the boat kids had a blast with them too.

We chatted a while, Jerry from Persephone relaxing with the stray kitty.  Everyone is worried that the kitty will thirst to death when the cruisers stop coming during the summer as there is no natural water here.  Hopefully someone will take her with them.  (Not us!!!)

We said our "see ya later's" to all the great folks we've met here.  We're sure to see them again as we sail!

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  1. ...neat idea with the buns...they turned out great...still no bread recipe from you...