Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Double Breasted Cay, Ragged Islands, Bahamas

Today I decided to take my cell phone (hotspot) and hoist it up the mast to get better signal.  Works OK. Only takes 10 minutes to load a photo now.   No worries, I just set it and walk away for a while.

We will be going even further north today, so we probably really will loose internet service completely for possibly the next week.  We'll see!

Went out on the dinghies to a couple of reefs today.

Leslie and Ralph on the way.

My hero bringing in another lobster!  (We were close to the windy surf here so the water was a bit churned up.

And me displaying "our" catch.  I do want to mention that I seem to be the one that "spots" the lobsters a lot of the time, hidden deep in the crags and crannies of the reefs.  At least I want to get in on the action since I don't care to dive down and actually get the lobster!

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