Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Delectable Bay, Acklins, Bahamas

Today was another re-position day.  We woke to a splendid breezy day.

Ralph and Leslie arranged for the rental car with Gregory for tomorrow, then we lifted anchors and sails for a sail south to Camel Point.

Engines off, Ralph sails up close to us and we but really close for my taste!

He sailed past us a bit...

And his sails "stole" some of our wind!!!  Good fun.

Rounding Camel Point, there was ruins of an old government dock.  (They've built a new, concrete one north of here for the mailboat).

Laundry day again.  How does this happen so often in paradise???

And I "found" another coconut in a draw when I was looking for an onion.  Since they don't keep forever, I thought I should make something with it.

So I found a coconut cookie recipe - pretty good - just "tropical tasting" sugar cookies.

And we were treated to a "moon rising" -  again, my camera didn't capture it well, but was really neat to see the full moon rise at the same time that the sun was setting in the west!

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  1. Delectable a pretty name for a pretty place...neat moon shot too...