Sunday, February 3, 2019

Hog Cay, Ragged Islands, Maxine's "Almost" Valentines party

Maxine lives in Duncan Town on Ragged Island and is a supporter of the cruising community.  She has thrown a "Valentines Day Party" for the cruisers for many years (sometimes with the help of the Bahamian Government, sometimes not.

Unfortunately, her husband has to go to Nassau for medical issues, so she moved the date up and invited anyone who could make it.  Maxine and her helpful friends arrived early and unloaded a generator and speaker system and all the food and beer.

Dinghies lining the shore.

A "crowded" anchorage!

Drone shots from Ralph - pretty neat view!

Getting the food all set up.

Rita (from Magic) and Maxine.  Sweet lady.

The meal was wonderful - Maxine had prepared a goat several different ways.  I, of course, couldn't eat it but those who could said it was very good.   We sat around for hours just chatting with all the folks.  Fun day!

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