Saturday, February 23, 2019

Salina Point, Acklins Island, Bahamas

We moved about 20 miles today down to the southwestern tip of Acklins Island.

Before we got underway, it was time for some more bread. (Still no bread available in any store).

Dough rising.  It's so easy now that I have the great Persephone recipe!!! 

A quick bake and we're all set for another week.  I use broiler pans as cooling racks (because I forgot to bring my cookie cooling racks!)

We got underway at about 10 am for the 20 miles south.  Great winds, engines off.

Caught 2 big barracuda on the way when we were in about 200 feet of water....was hoping for these went back into the ocean.

Beautiful water!

Anchored at the end of Acklins Island....dinner tonight is some spider crab that we bought frozen from the fishing boat in Lisbon Creek, Andros.  I'm making a pasta to share with Ralph & Leslie.  Duane will get chicken topping on his, of course.

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  1. soon as this wedding is over...I'm making that bread!