Sunday, February 17, 2019

Buenavista Cay, Ragged Islands to Long Cay, Acklin Islands, Bahamas

Lots of fun over the past few days.  I'll try to keep it brief...

Left Double Breasted for a nice motors-off sail up to Buenavista Cay.  Caught Duane relaxing after we'd set the sails.

 Approaching the anchorage. 

After getting settled, out for a snorkel.  Pretty reefs on the ocean side since it was fairly calm winds/waves.

Lots of lobster and fish caught and consumed over the few days.

A nice hog fish!

And another nice lobster!

On shore later to clean the fish, Duane found a washed up pallet to use as a cutting board.

Leslie and Ralph cleaning their catch too.

 More snorkeling, a different day. Sorry, the photos get jumbled when I use different cameras.  Pretty Queen angelfish.

Video of some blue tangs that I thought was lovely.

Video of Ralph diving for a lobster I found in a small hole in the coral.  Remember - he's holding his breath - two different times once to shoot the lobster with his spear - and then a second time to retrieve the lobster.   I can't do it!!

Back at the boat, lobster!

Was a rainy night, but pleasant.

Rita and Will from Magic had invited us all (including Ralph & Leslie and Elaine & Fred from Foolin' Around that we had met at Hog Cay)  over for happy hour/snacks to their lovely Horizon 52.  They are previous Manta owners so you know they're good folks!!!

I asked Rita for a tour.

Oh, my goodness, it's lovely!!

This is one of the guest berths.

The living space is just fabulous...had a great time.  They've invited us to stop by when we get to the Abacos to visit with them at their home on Scotland Cay.  We'll do that for sure in April!!

The next day, we did more snorkeling then a dinghy ride up around the Buenavista beach.  We chatted with a fisherman that was anchored out cleaning his catch.  Nice fellow with lots of info.

And we stopped by "Eddie's place".   Ralph and Leslie had met and were befriended by Eddie a couple of years ago.  His home was demolished by Irma, but he continued to live there until recently his health required him to go to Nassau.  The peacock and a chicken are still surviving with the help of locals from other cays.  (There is no one on Buenavista now).

Then it was time to head out Raccoon Cut for Crooked/Acklins Islands to our east.  A beautiful sunset and light winds/seas.  Uneventful motor sailing all night.

The sunrise was spectacular to watch.....all these photos are of Now and Zen as the sunrise progressed.  Note the mill-pond smooth open seas. What looks like shore on the horizon is just low clouds.

As the sun peaked out it actually got darker and more colorful for a few minutes!

And then we were treated to a beautiful day!

Ralph took this shot of Sojourn too!  Not often that you get to sail on such quiet open seas!!

Arrived Long Cay - beautiful low lying island.

Not many cruising boats come here - we're alone in the anchorage.

After a brief rest to recover from the overnight passage, we set out to find the reported you see the pink hue at the beach line?

The birds were just lovely, but pretty shy.

 Here's a short video - turn the sound on and hear them "honk"!  Beautiful!  Sorry it's rotated, I spent about a half hour trying to fix it.....time to move on!

 Back to the boats for a nice dinner aboard Now & Zen.  See ya tomorrow!

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