Sunday, January 20, 2019

South Bight, Andros, Bahamas

Pretty view of the ocean on the other side of the seawall.

I vacuum sealed the "left over" Mahi Mahi.

We went for a couple of hours on the dinghy to explore a new dock and just get a view of the area. Came across this posh resort - Tiamo - looks very nice ($1000 per night!).  I guess you have to pay for seclusion sometimes.....

There were several "wrecks" in the back creeks.  I guess it's hard to remove a boat once it's sunk down here.

Beautiful mangrove creek.

Back to the boat, we took our bag of laundry a couple of blocks to the laundramat.  This one was actually nice and everything worked.  Cost $5 for a big load total to wash and dry, so we chose to do it there instead of using our expensive and prized diesel fuel.  (Amazing fun we have here in the out islands, haha).

A couple of island dogs at Duane's feet (he always attracts the dogs for some reason). All the dogs on the island seem to resemble each other and they're all nicely behaved.

The laundramat operator told us we could go a few blocks over to a restaurant/bar while we waited for the laundry (he would put our clothes in the dryer for us!)   We walked over and ordered a snack, waiting an hour for "Steve" to show up and open the bar side.....but Steve never showed back to the boats with our clean laundry.  Busy but undramatic day.

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  1. ...that is a pretty sunset...and the pups know what a sweetie Duane is...