Thursday, January 10, 2019

Last day at Fresh Creek, Andros, Bahamas

In my search for the perfect way to make bread, I have succeeded a little bit more with each loaf.   The recipe I've been using says to knead for 5 minutes.  But 10 minutes actually seems to be the best amount.  Good for the arm muscles! 

I decided to split the dough and experiment with some cinnamon bread.

Best loaves yet!

 We took the dinghy back out the channel to the reef again for a snorkel.

Doesn't look like it here, but the wavelets were kinda bouncy on the little dinghy.  The snorkeling was fair....and I broke my underwater camera!!  So I'll have to borrow Ralph and Leslie's camera on occasion.  Bummer!  

Pretty sunset for our last night at the dock.

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