Monday, January 21, 2019

Lisbon Creek, Andros, Bahamas

We have strong winds coming over the next week, so we relocated from the Driggs Hill government dock a few miles to the Lisbon Creek government dock.  Pretty scenery as we made the move.

Similar setup - this is the "home base" for the mailboat we'd seen at Fresh Creek.  We will probably be here a week because the cold front that is passing the East Coast now will trap us here.  Boy, life is rough!!

Again, very friendly folks.  We met quite a few just wandering the dock - this is Sadie - the basket lady.  Leslie was actually sitting working on a basket made of palm fronds.  Sadie got on the boat with her and gave her a few pointers.

We met James - 5th grader and fisherman!  His father is a professional fisherman and caught this huge snapper offshore.

James made himself at home on our boat and gave fishing pointers.

He told me I could have anything he caught.....

Getting close to dark, he caught a few of these small snappers.  I, of course, thanked him but insisted he take them home.  He did take them willingly along with a bag of M&M's for a treat.  A sweet fellow!  Looks like a great life here in this small village - kids running around outside all day and extremely friendly folks.

Went to Now & Zen for taco night.  Leslie had warned me that they only had hamburger for the tacos, so I whipped up some TVP  filling for mine.

Made some "street corn" - she had all the trimmings.  Excellent!

And after 4 games of Canasta it was finally the "real midnight", not cruiser's midnight (9PM).  Total lunar eclipse.  From Ralph's good camera on a tripod.  Beautiful!

Wanted to throw in this photo from Leslie from yesterday at the Tiamo resort.  Thought it was neat.

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  1. ...sweet young man...we saw the wolf moon was amazing...