Monday, January 14, 2019

North Bight, Andros, Bahamas

We had a rainy day yesterday, just read and got together with Now & Zen for a curry dinner and blueberry cobbler.  Yummy.

Today the sun was out and we moved over about 6 miles to Big Wood Cay, an uninhabited island.

The two Mantas....I don't think I've mentioned that Andros is not like all the other Bahamian islands we've been to before.  There are almost no other cruising boats.  We occasionally see a small fishing skiff, but we've been here almost 3 weeks and we've seen exactly 2 other sailboats.  

 Leslie fly fishing.

 Took a little walk on the island.

Pretty star fish everywhere.

Piled up driftwood for a bonfire later in the evening.

Had a great picnic - and relaxed after we got the bugs under control with loads of DEET!

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  1. Hey K,
    ...looks like a fun relaxing day...and you can't beat a fire on the beach...