Friday, January 18, 2019

Moxey Town, Andros, Bahamas

Today we braved a couple of miles across the bay on the dinghies to Moxey Town.  It was a wet ride with waves splashing over the dinghy a bit.  We wore rain jackets so were relatively comfy. 

We wanted to see the little settlement, but we also wanted to top off our fuel jugs because we won't have a chance to get more fuel for maybe a month.

Duane pumping some of our fuel.  The guys in the background run a bonefishing charter business and they were filling up four 55 gallon jugs with gasoline for their outboards.  They were cool and offered to take our filled jugs back to the harbour for us (it was about 6 or 7 city blocks away).  (Fuel was over $6 per gallon for both diesel and gasoline if you're wondering.)

So after they were finished pumping their fuel, we hopped in the truck and rode back instead of toting the jugs.  Very nice of them.

Then Duane toted them out to our anchored dinghy.  He was a little soggy for the rest of the afternoon.

Dinghy was loaded down!

At a shopkeeper's recommendation we walked over to Shine's Conch Shack for a snack.

The usual Bahamian restaurant, open air and homemade.  Everyone was very friendly.

The crew waiting on our snacks.

The inside plywood wall was covered with writing - the bartender gave us a marker to write if we wanted.  I found a spot that a previous Duane & Kristin had left a I had to add ours.

Walking back we passed a pile of sponges.  (We asked if we could take the photo).  The locals dive for the sponges and dry them before selling them.

I found a small sponge on the beach.  One of the locals had explained that they dry them out and clean/trim them before selling.  It's squishy and soft just like you'd expect and holds an enormous amount of water.

On the way back to the dinghies, we stopped and got an ice cream cone.   I got Rum Raisin - yummy!  Fun day.

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  1. Hey K, the heart...some may thing that Duane found a new girl...