Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Time to turn the boat back in at Georgetown, Exuma

Time to cleanup and packup.....and take the boat back over to the Exuma Yacht Club dock.

Galley cleaned up and linens stripped from the berths.

A dreary ride back over to the dock in very gusty winds.

Luckily, Roston was available to come to the dock and catch our lines so we safely tied up to replenish the fuel and water we had used.

He gave the boat the "once over" to make sure we hadn't damaged anything (we hadn't!).

We made quick work of getting our numerous bags off the boat and onto the dock.

 We all headed to the Peace and Plenty resort just a few blocks away.  Nice rooms and we were all a little weary from the charter!   Nice dinner and a meet-up with some fellow travelers in their room for drinks and snacks.  Fun and relaxing.

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