Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sailing the Exumas - Little Farmer's Cay to Blackpoint Settlement

We pulled anchor for a short motor to Oven Rock on the western side of Great Guana Cay.  I had read about a cave there that you can hike to.

Island Girl anchored....

We pulled the dinghy up on the beach and tied it off since we didn't really know how long we'd be gone.

After a couple of incorrect turns, we found the correct trail.

It was clearly marked....but we hadn't walked that far up the beach so we didn't see the markers.

We wandered the trail and came to a dead-end....if someone hadn't noticed these rock piles, we would have missed the cave entrance.  It's really hidden back off the trail.

The cave entrance....

You immediately start to feel the cool air.....

Lovely cool pool - it extends farther than we could see or were willing to explore!  The water was clear and maybe 60 degrees.  We had read that it was fresh water...but a sample said that it's rather salty!

Duane took a group shot....he never wants to be in the photos!

We hiked further on the trail - all the way over to the Exuma Sound side of the island.  A lovely protected little bay was found - although there was a good bit of debris and garbage.  It must get washed up with storms because there is no one inhabiting the area for miles.

Hiked back across the island to Oven Rock and back to the boat!

Reid got us ready for lunch -  the conch salad from Ayden and pasta salad.  Sandwiches for those not partaking of the conch!

The next mission was to find snorkeling that we had read was just south of Blackpoint Settlement.  The water was pretty rough....and we never did find the reef.....instead, we took the dinghy to this lovely beach and just enjoyed the beautiful environment.

Coming back to the boat....

Hauled anchor and headed to our destination for the night, Blackpoint Settlement.  Passed this weird house....note the sad sailboat beached - maybe from a storm?

Blackpoint Settlement public dock.

We made reservations with Lorraine for dinner - drinks first - it was warm in the restaurant!

After a relaxing rest, we had a really great buffet.

Lorraine was a gentle lady!  Very friendly - cute shirt!

Sorry for the fuzzy photo - Lorraine turned around to let me snap the photo. The shirt says "You never tasted a dish like this"  - saucy island lady!  Back to the boat for an early night.

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  1. It all looks like fun!...and the water looks amazing...