Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sailing the Exumas - Galliot Cut Cay - Rudder Cut Cay - back to Little Farmer's

Sharon made a wonderful syrup and banana concoction to pour over French toast - made with the coconut bread from Blackpoint Settlement.  Yummy!

Headed south again - going out Farmer's Cut was pretty rowdy based on the tide and wind.  Going into Galliot Cut was equally rowdy!   But, we had a really good snorkel near Galliot Cut Cay.   Then motored further south to visit some "caves" off Rudder Cut Cay.  We passed Musha Cay again - here are a few views of the ultra-rich residences.

Found the caves easily - snorkeled over to explore.

An even neater cave on the other side of the hill.  This one you can ride into with the dinghy.  Met up with some nice folks that were also exploring - one was Wendell - who owns the mooring ball that Island Girl stays on regularly in Georgetown!  He was just up cruising around on a little vacation of his own.

Then we dinghied to see the "piano"'s a stainless steel piano that David Copperfield reportedly had put in the water for his girlfriend.....Don't know if that's really true - the the piano and mermaid are really down there! 

Since I didn't have my underwater camera - no photos as proof!  So I'll steal a couple from the internet so you'll understand what I'm talking about!

It's a full size grand piano - and full person-size mermaid!  Strange!

Got back to Little Farmer's anchorage in a deluge.  Very windy and rainy.....

Made reservations again at Ocean Cabin for dinner - this time everyone dressed for a very soppy dinghy ride......I had no raincoat so I used a garbage bag!  Looks stupid but I arrive high and dry!

Sharon and Duane found some nice foul-weather gear in a compartment......they didn't pull it out until after I had donned my bag....

Another nice meal at Little Farmer's - wet ride back to the boat and played a fun game that Lindy had brought - Say Anything....a fun family game!

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