Monday, May 18, 2015

No Sailing the Exumas! A rainy day at Stocking Island

Our 10 day charter is coming to a close.....and the weather is not the best ever....

Back to Chat n Chill for some.....

On a couple of interesting hikes for others...

Well marked trails.

Trail leads to another anchorage.

Signs warning about the Poisonwood Tree - we've seen this many times - don't touch!

View over to the "monument" on the far hill.    This is where we turned around based on the abundance of mosquitoes and no one thought to bring repellant!

Back at the boat, everyone is a bit subdued.

Windy and rainy.....

The boat was nicely equipped with pull down canvas curtains - this helped keep the wind and rain off in the cockpit!

We settled in for another game of Say Anything - good fun!

Richard found a new way to enjoy a good Scotch!  Take a water bottle that has been semi-frozen.  Pour Scotch over the tube of ice inside the bottle. Drink.  Repeat until ice disappears.

Meals today were just a combination of Chat n Chill bbq, conch salad and various left overs!  Weird combinations but good!


  1. I've been doing that bottle routine for a long time, just with more water. Keeps cold for a few hours of mowing or gardening. Your days still look like a lot of fun and relaxing.

  2. I kinda think it's always nice to have at least one rainy day on vacation...just one though...