Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fun long weekend

We got a very late start to a sailing weekend....left Oriental around 6:30PM for points North. We really hadn't planned where to go - just cast off the docklines and decided to anchor wherever we ended up! By 8:30PM, the sun was 9:30PM we anchored near Brown's Creek in the moonlight.

After a late snack, we snuggled in for a very pleasant night with the (screened) hatches open.

The following morning - this is our view....just a pretty shoreline.

We made a spur-of-the-moment decision to press on towards Ocracoke.....

Barge on the Pamlico.

Fishing along the way off the back of the boat.  Hooked a little one.  He got to live to grow bigger!

We normally have approached Ocracoke via the same channel that the ferry runs.  It's deep and mostly wide.  This trip, we decided to take a short cut - called 9-Foot Shoal Channel.  It's shallow in places and we just never risked it in the deeper-keeled monohull.

Island Girl, with her 3' draft, made it thru with ease!  A little different sight picture approaching Ocracoke from a different angle.

Ahhhh, yes, almost there!

Friend  Bill texted me that he and a friend had flown down and they were at Howard's Pub.  I think he was trying to taunt me, rub it in that he was having fun...... not knowing that we were there too!  They did walk the mile into town to the docks - and we had a nice chat with them while we were enjoying Gaffer's happy-hour!

Anchored in Silver Lake.

Beautiful sunset on Memorial Day!

And beautiful sunrise the next morning!!

Beautiful sailing in the Pamlico on the way back to Oriental.  I think every sailboat from Oriental was out enjoying the day!!