Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bahamas Flying and Sailing Trip - Tranquility on the Bay Resort, Crooked Island, Bahamas

We spent the day doing exactly nothing!  Just reading and relaxing.  Not a soul in sight.

Later in the morning, I met a very friendly local man named LeRoy.  He snorkels out in the bay most every day to pick up conch and spear an occasional fish. 

Here is LeRoy's "boat" - it's just an old plastic drum that he has carved out to fit his needs.  He has a rope tied to it which he trails behind him as he's snorkeling.  I watched him out in the bay for over an hour!

Then he comes back to the cleaning station and cleans his catch to be used in the restaurant (and I'm assuming at home too!)  Here he is displaying a nicely cleaned conch.  Note the golden bottle of rum on the table....that was with him out in the bay too!  He was a happy man, livin' off the land/sea!

This shows the entire lodging area - just 5 no crowds!

Truly Tranquility on the Bay!

And tonight the fabulous meal was fresh grouper, "peas and grits" and a lovely coleslaw.  Washed down with a cold Kalik beer, of course!

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  1. Neat...I don't see how he keeps from turning it over know in ND they say there are 2 kinds of people...those who like raisins in their coleslaw and those who don' potlucks they always serve both kinds...