Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sailing the Exumas - Little Farmer's Cut to Stocking Island

Interesting to watch the supply boat arrive.  It's clear that everyone on the island had something on that boat they needed to retrieve!  It's not like there's a Wal-Mart anywhere this is their lifeline.

We also needed to get a couple of supplies - ice and some bread - so we dinghied back to the public dock.

That all taken care of, we headed out into the Exuma Sound in some pretty strong winds.....

See the slightly angry skies?

Really rowdy exit at Farmer's Cut!!!

Sailed all the way back to Stocking Island with a double reefed main and genoa since the winds and waves were strong.  Took about 5 1/2 hours....

After the exit at Farmer's Cut - the seas calmed a bit and the sail was not particularly exciting - most folks just read, or slept!

Went back to shore at Chat n Chill.....

The sign post to everywhere!   Oriental is in there - 670 miles!

At Chat n Chill -  Mango Daiquiri "with a rum floater".....yum!

Saw more of the rays - hovering near the conch stand for tidbits of food!

The conch stand disposes of their conch shells right on the beach.  I assume an occasional storm probably comes and washes them away!

Lindy relaxing with her daiquiri!

And Reid can't pass up an opportunity at a conch stand.

We sampled this young man's salad - maybe not quite as good as Ayden's at Little Farmer's Cay....but was good too!

Laurie used a pen and left our mark on the Chat n Chill stool!

Beautiful sunset!

And once again, the call for a game - this time rummy sent all 4 fellows scurrying for their berths!

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...All beautiful...should've chosen poker...