Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Washington, NC

 Our buddies Reid and Laurie (they went on the Bahamas charter trip with us) have recently purchased a condo in this building along the waterfront at Washington.  They offered to let us stay tonight at their dock.

So we pedaled over to investigate.  The end dock is the only one our wide boat would fit.

So we moved over.  Snug fit.

Then we tried out the "complementary showers" that the Town of Washington provides for boaters.  Very nice!  Again, the price is right.  I took this photo because I was amused at the nice shampoo they had left in the shower.  Mane 'n Tail.  Haha.

We had to pedal to Bill's Hot Dogs for lunch.  We had visited here with Buddy and Sharon about 30 years ago.  Exactly the same.  They've been selling hot dogs, and only hot dogs for about 100 years!

They have 3 condiments - mustard, onions and a wild white bean chili.  I, of course can't eat the hot dog....so they made me a "chili dog" - extra bean chili and onions.  Was delicious.  All 3 were, in fact!

Late in the afternoon, Reid/Laurie and Buddy/Sharon arrived.  This is the view of the boat from their 2nd story condo.

The plans for the night were to go see a concert - mainly Scott Kirby - a folksy singer we had all seen together a couple of years ago at Key West.  After a nice dinner with a crowd of Reid's childhood friends, we all headed to the Turnage Theater.  Very much like what I remember the Carolina Theater to be like - but very nicely re-done!

Sharon and Buddy trying to escape a photo! 

At the concert - a fun time.  Scott Kirby was with a small group including Peter Mayer (one of Jimmy Buffet's bandmembers and his son Brendan).  

Here is a little snippet - look out for Brendan Mayer - I bet he'll make it big some day!

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