Monday, September 21, 2015

Sailing Bath to "Little Washington"

Our next destination is Washington (NC, of course!).  Strangely, we have never sailed there.  It's not that far by road, but it's close to 60 miles from Oriental in the boat due to all that silly land being in the way!

It's not a long way from Bath, however....we threw off the dock lines and got under way early.  I pan-fried the last fish I caught for a yummy but bony breakfast.

A few hours later - Washington!

We called the dockmaster on the VHF and he told us where to tie up.

Here we are tied up to the "free dock" that the town so nicely allows travelers to use.  No power or water available, but, again, the price is right!

A little family of ducks meandered around the boat often. I took a stale piece of bread and tossed them bits.

Had a nice bike ride around town and to Blackwater Jack's.  Big late lunch there - so we skipped dinner.
Lovely view at sunset!!  (I just snapped this photo with my automatic camera - this is really what it looked like - no funny settings or anything!)

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  1. another neat little town...and another pretty sunset...