Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sailing Manteo

We had a nice visit at Manteo.

Took a nice long bike ride up to the northern end  of Roanoke Island.  Lovely shady, paved walk/bikeway.   We also wandered around the Fort Raleigh National Park, but I failed to take even one photo there!!

Then we biked further south to find Strippers Restaurant - cheap beer and eats!  Worth the ride.

Back to the boat.

Lazy day - wandered around town a bit.  Interesting things just looked out the back of the boat.

A " multiple times per day " sailing cruise went out.

And this jet-ski powered contraption was a big hit with the tourists.   Interesting to see them spin around.

And interesting to see them "wipe out" - it happens in an instant so I never got a shot of it.  They just seem to lose there balance and they get "jet powered" down into the water.  They don't seem to get hurt, just slammed into the water.  They get back up in moments, so it must not hurt!   I'll leave that fun to them, I think!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like good fun...not the water jet thingy though...I've no real desire to try that out either...