Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sailing Bath, NC

We took good advantage of the "free dock" at Bath, staying two nights.

Early in the morning, the two power boats were gone....such is the life of the drifting boaters! 

We dutifully went to the Bath Visitors Center and gave them our registration form.  We were promptly given a "permit" to stay at the dock.  Seems a bit much trouble for such a simple thing.....

Then we got on the bikes for a nice ride to Goose Creek State Park.  I had mapped it on Google and it said the distance was 4.7 miles from Bath to Goose Creek sure felt longer!

Anyway, we had a great couple of hours hiking around on the trails.  Boardwalk thru a swampy area.

We hiked about 1/2 of the 8 miles of trails thru wooded forests adjoining the river.

And spent a little time in the nicely air-conditioned "discovery center" (I assume it was for school groups).

And since I was exhausted when we got back to the boat late in the afternoon, I did another map program to see how long we'd ridden. It actually was 7.5 miles - one way - from Bath to the park. So, yeah. I'm not very talented at Googling.....15 miles on the bikes, 4 miles hiking. A good day!

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