Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ocracoke Labor Day

This is not exactly "sailing"....but it's part of a larger sailing trip, so I'll include it here!

I forgot that I had caught a fish on the sail over.....I believe it's a bluefish.

Duane taught me how to clean it - a first for me, believe it or not! Easy - and nice to in touch with your food that way!  This is the next day smothered in Old Bay Seasoning ready for the annual Labor Day gathering. 

After a refreshing several-mile bike ride, we ran in to Howard/Peggy and Jeannine at the Pony Island.  I couldn't resist a photo of his shirt - cute!

Then we took Luke back for more clams since he enjoyed it so much last year.  Lots more clams!

It was also a sortof surprise "big" birthday for Sharon.  We won't be around on her actual birthday, so we decided to celebrate a bit early for fun while everyone was together.

She wore a cute shirt - how fitting!  And we were all Happy as Clams!

Howard manning the shrimp skewers that he had marinated during the day.

Lots of fun with the "usual suspects"!

My fish turned out wonderful on the grill - nothing like fresh, flaky fish!

Luke watching over the clams.

Good food and good friends.  And we gave Sharon a couple of gag "over the hill" gifts.  (Note the black balloons in the trees).  All in good fun!


  1. Your sailing trip is off to a good start. Liked the "Asheville" shirt. MOM

  2. Happy Birthday to Sharon...loved the Asheville true...