Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Lot's of little things that need taking care of....one was the galley sink.  The faucet was leaking a little.  Duane tried to disassemble it, but it was corroded and refused to come apart.

So, we ordered a new one.  And a soap dispenser too since I've decided I can't live without that!

Unfortunately, the leak had gotten the countertop a bit wet...so the sink had to come out and repairs made.  (Nothing is EVER easy).  We applied some "rotten wood hardener" and some Bondo to fill some voids.  Many trips to the hardware store for supplies.....

The countertop is now dry and firm, good as new!

The new faucet.  Very nice with the pullout spray spigot.

Left to right - new faucet, filtered drinking water, and soap dispenser.

One project down, several more to go!