Friday, November 24, 2017

Storage bag for extra line

We have too many lines on this boat!!  We had brought some from home since we weren't really sure what was left on the boat.  We really shouldn't have!!  There are many sets of dock lines and old halyards, etc on board.

So this box of lines really didn't have a "home" on the boat.  And space is at a premium!

There is a space at the aft end of the boat, but this box is too big to fit....the solution would be something more flexible.  Like a bag.

Fortunately, the previous owner left some old mesh material window covers on the boat.  I was going to throw them out, but they were perfect for making a big bag for these lines!

Duane gave me the approximate measurements.  I took a couple of the old window covers and just started cutting out rectangle pieces.  Nothing had to be precise since this is just a utility bag.

 I just started sewing the pieces together using my heavy duty sewing machine and extra strong thread.

Making the "box".

I doubled the zig-zag seams for durability.

Turned inside-out

And installed some beefy handles.

The finished bag in use.   It worked well and best of all, it was basically free!