Thursday, November 23, 2017

More chores!

Progress is being made! 

We spend every day getting things checked off the list....

Loading up the boat with groceries is quite a chore!   We're trying to have staple provisions on board for a couple of months.  It will be a pain to lug groceries to the boat as we travel without a rental car.

This is the first of 3 cartloads!

This is the picture of the dinghy from the ad for the boat.  We were given the bare dinghy without the "chaps" (the sunbrella fabric UV cover).  The chaps were in a cabinet on the boat. 

So I pulled out the chaps and looked them over.  Unfortunately, they're a little worse for wear since this photo! 

There was a large area that was worn thru. 

Fortunately, the previous owners had left some extra matching sunbrella fabric on board.  I made a long narrow patch.

And sewed it in place.  I'm sure I'll be doing more of that as some of the fabric looks pretty worn.

But overall, it will be a nice method of transport!


  1. I didn't know you had a sewing machine there. Did you take your kitchen sink? HaHa MOM

  2. Very nice...I remember you just did that for your old dinghy...