Tuesday, November 28, 2017


As we head out tomorrow, we'll be depending on a LOT of equipment.

I thought I'd share a bit -

We have a satellite based weather program that shows us 36 hours of wind/waves/radar/frontal activity.   Since it's XM based, we don't need internet or cell coverage to receive it.

We also have our own radar system to help us with knowing immediate weather and objects (boats, oil platforms!)  Note that we also have satellite TV!  It's hooked to Dish network - pretty cool and totally unnecessary!

And we have a very nice chartplotter that shows not only navigation maps but overlays the radar.

We also have 3 different EPIRB's (Emergency Position Indicationg Radio Beacons).   If activated, they will send signals over a satellite system to bring rescue to our exact location.

 One is located just inside the cabin door.  It's registered by NOAA  to identify the boat - Robert and Richard are the registered emergency contacts and would be immediately notified if the beacon were activated.

In addition, we each have the life vests that we wear in the airplane when flying over water.  These jackets have  CO2 fill cartridges and we each have our own beacon in a zippered pocket.  These are registered by NOAA to each of us.   So, worst case, if we were to be separated from the boat, we could call rescue from anywhere in the world.  (All of these beacons are waterproof, of course!)

(The pink ribbon means this is my life vest, Duane's has a blue ribbon)

In addition, we have tether straps that we will use if we need to leave the cockpit in rough seas.

So don't be concerned about us out there!  We will be out of contact for possibly days but you should be able to see us on the  Vessel Tracking system. 

Current plans are to head out the Galveston Jetty and turn generally eastbound.  We don't plan to get too far offshore - probably within 40-50 miles out.  This way, we can tuck back into the Intercoastal Waterway if we want to.  We'll likely do a couple of overnight sails and see how things are going. 

If I have time tomorrow when we still have cell signal, I'll send one last blog post! 


  1. Be safe, have fun, and update us on your adventures as you can.

  2. All very cool...glad to know you'll be safe...