Sunday, November 26, 2017

Just a few more chores

Getting really close to finishing the list of items required before we shove off! 

Finally received a shipment that included a replacement bulb for the steaming light.  So, up the mast we sent Duane again!  

While he was up there, he installed a couple of flag halyards.   Now I can fly my American flag!

The upholstery folks (David's Upholstery) have been to the boat several times - hopefully they will finish up with the windshield tomorrow. 

Nice folks but a little hard to communicate since my Spanish is about zippo!  We make do by pointing and smiling!

Beautiful weather here - will probably head out to sea on Tuesday after just a few more items are complete. 


  1. Yikes...that's way up there...I'm sure you're careful though...



  2. Sounds like everything will be "shipshape" before you sail. I know how thorough you both are, so should be smooth sailing. MOM