Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Looks like we will be boat owners again

The long-awaited survey day was finally here!

Once we had the surveyor and the owner on board, we headed straightaway to Seabrook Marina for our haulout timeslot of 10AM.

Approaching the travel lift.  Our beam is 21' - the slip is just 21'6" wide - so will be a tight fit!

No problem - the folks at the marina are pros at this.

Into the straps and up she goes.

The "driver" moves the boat onto the lot for the inspection.

 Duane and the current owner discussing the boat.

The surveyor (Drake Epple) taking soundings on the hull with a hammer to verify it's integrity.

The bottom is actually pretty clean - we opted not to have it washed since power washing removes some of the protective bottom paint.

The marina workers replaced the sacrificial zincs  and we were soon moved back into position to go back in the water.

Going down....


And back in the water!

Next we motored out for the sea trial.

Past the Kemah Boardwalk

Once we were out in Galvetson Bay, we raised the sails.  (Note the cute manta ray emblem on the sail).

We had a nice sail while the surveyor was below thoroughly inspecting the engines, etc.

Duane at the helm!

Inspection mostly complete, we head back towards the marina.

Since everything checked out well, we'll be boat owners again as soon as the paperwork is all done!


  1. Great looking boat and "new owners". Happy Sailing Home MOM

  2. How exciting. I'm pleased everything checked out well!

  3. And now to make some new adventures....!!!