Sunday, June 26, 2022

Oriental, NC

 Beautiful sunrise!!  You can see a little sliver of the moon and it's reflection at the bottom of the photo.

We're just doing some chores before we head back to Pittsboro.  Duane disassembled part of the fridge/freezer to replace one of the side pieces.  It had a wooden backing that had gotten de-laminated over the years.  He'll replace it with solid plastic Starboard and get rid of that problem forever.

Otherwise, we've just been mowing and organizing.

One item that is exciting to us but probable ho-hum to those with fast internet.

I know, strange photo.  This is a pipe that Century Link installed yesterday at the edge of our lot.  It will house a new fiber-optic internet line!  Yay!  Apparently, they have gotten a Federal grant to install the lines in the "under-served rural areas".  Looking forward to getting it installed possibly all the way to the boat.


  1. Good idea on the refrigerator :)

  2. Yes, we had a good example, didn't we? :-)

  3. Hey K,
    ...yay for faster internet...and your fridge/freezer thingy looks nice and clean and empty...I'm sure it will be better with the new piece...
    I keep getting publishing error messages...maybe you're getting these messages anyway...

  4. Hooray!!! for the Internet to the boat!