Saturday, October 5, 2019

Yay!! I'm a Ham!!!

Up early today to do my last bit of studying, then off to the Oriental Town Hall for my exams.

The 3 required Ham examiners arrived and we got down to the business of the first the Technician and then the General Ham tests.   Enjoyed the  whimsical dragon which is front-and-center in the oriental City Council meeting room where they set up for the test. Don't see that every day!

After much paperwork,  I used the two #2 pencils and non-programed calculator to make my way thru the 70 questions on the 2 tests.

I missed one on the Technician test and two on the General - not too shabby although I would have liked to score a perfect 100 of course!  (You are allowed to miss 9 questions on each test for a passing grade)

Got my certificate - will have to wait a week or so for my call sign to be published.

Then I'll be able to set up the SSB (Single Side Band) radio on the boat to send/receive email and give position reports no matter where we are in the world!!  Stay tuned - you'll get an email from me soon with the new address to use when we're on the boat.

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