Monday, October 7, 2019

Little jaunt to pick up Jerry and Donna's boat

Jerry asked Duane and I if we wanted to tag along with him as he needed to pick up their boat, Bluejacket, from Wayfarer's Cove Marina this morning.  Sure!  Sounds like fun!  A bit of a dreary morning, but we weren't concerned.  Always fun to see all the boats in for maintenance at the boatyard!

They had Bluejacket in the slings ready to "splash" when we got there.

Jerry (in the blue/white striped jacket) looks on to make sure they don't damage the pretty boat!!

Going down - only a few inches to spare on either side of the slip.

Almost down!   It was an uneventful "splash".  (Although we like the marina, we can't haul out here because our boat is about 21' wide.  This slip and travel-lift only allows a boat around 20' wide).

 Underway almost immediately....the channel going out is not for the faint of heart!!  I drew the red line where we had to squeeze!!   Jerry handled it like the champ he is!

Had an uneventful but pleasant motor/sail back to home dock - just around the corner from Sojourn!

Were greeted by Donna and Jim & Bentley (Salty Paws) for help with the lines on arrival.  Salty Paws is staying at Jerry and Donna's dock before they head south in a few weeks.  We'll likely run into them in the Bahamas sometime this winter.

Jerry, Donna and Bluejacket!  Lovely!!

And walking home past Salty Paws - with Shanty on deck to greet us!

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