Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Ticking little projects off the "to do" list

Just lots of little things to do now....

We took the SSB radio to the local shop for a software update - I wasn't allowed the update until I have my Ham license.   That's due to be ready sometime today.  Once we get that back we'll get the new software working that allows me to send/receive email and weather reports even far offshore.  (Theoretically most anywhere we'll be sailing).  So there's a big hole in our nav station right now.

Once we get the SSB radio back, we'll hook up our Pactor modem that we had serviced last year - and hope it all works together!!   One of the Ham examiners I met last weekend is an "expert" on the software I'll be using and he volunteered to come help me set it up.  How nice is that?

And on a completely different note,  periodically, we take a flashlight and peek in the bilges, just to make sure we're not filling up with water!    We had vacuumed them dry several months ago and they had been staying relatively dry and we do have alarm lights.

This time, the starboard bilge had a few inches of water in it.  Not enough to turn on the alarm.  Turns out the shower sump on that side had failed.....a quick shopping foray to Amazon delivered a new one.

It's always something on a boat!  Much easier when Amazon is two days away with parts.  Not so easy in the Bahamas.  Therefore we keep spares of LOTS of things. 

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  1. ...people are so nice...and good call on the little pump...