Friday, October 11, 2019

Provisioning - freezing vacuum packed eggs

I'm getting started with provisioning for this year's trip.

Last year I froze a bunch of eggs.  Eggs are expensive in the Bahamas - I paid $5-6 per dozen often.  And in the least populated areas, we had trouble finding them if a mail boat had not delivered recently.

I was not particularly pleased with the texture of the whole eggs last year.  The yoke was sort-of hard and a strange feel.  I read online that the solution is to scramble the eggs first.  So that's what I did.

Took a  couple of days of freezing -  I only have 2 ice trays.  I put 5 or 6 cubes in and vacuum sealed - should be about 3-4  eggs - perfect for omelets in the morning.  I also did a few with just 2 cubes in case I have a recipe calling for a single egg.

So now I have 4 dozen eggs in the freezer - should be enough to tide us over at times when we can't get them fresh.

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