Sunday, October 6, 2019

New galley faucet

We replaced a yucky galley faucet back in Kemah, Tx when we bought the boat.  I just ordered one that seemed about the same size with the "integral pull out  sprayer."

Well, I have HATED that faucet pretty much from day 1.

It had a spray that was razor sharp, splattering everywhere unless you trickled the flow to nothing....not very useful.

And, the worst part was the short "throat" of the faucet.  Admittedly, the existing hole for the faucet is too far away from the sink itself.  While washing anything, the tendency was for water to splatter up onto the counter beside the faucet.  Like, lots of water.  So, for 2 years I have been wiping pools of water on the counter under that faucet.

So, the replacement was on the list of MUST DO'S before this years trip south.

Went to Lowe's and found a tall faucet with a big "arc".  This one is sooooo much nicer!!  It has a soft spray and the best thing is - my counter stays completely dry like it should!

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