Friday, April 12, 2019

Tahiti Beach, Abacos, Bahamas

Pretty sunset last night in Marsh Harbour.

Lot's going on today.  Last day to visit with Sharon/Buddy and Reid/Laurie.

We decided to move about 8 miles away to be closer to "the gang".  A mailboat was inbound in the channel on our way out of Marsh Harbour so we skipped out to the outside to stay out of his way.  The area is plenty deep so that's no problem.  Note the calm water - so no sailing!

Anchored off Tahiti Beach - and the Smilin' Conch was soon there to pick us up!

Off south to Pete's Pub.

The view in Little Harbour.

Busy place.

Had drinks and a nice lunch.

 Walked the little boardwalk to the ocean side.

Selfie with the girls.....

And a passerby offered to take a real shot!

Back in the boat cruising to our next destination.

Stopped for a snorkel at the Pelican National Park reef.

It's a bit deeper than we usually snorkel, but pretty coral.

Do you see the big lobster?  Can't take him for two reasons, first, no fishing in the National Park.  And second, lobster season ended April 1!

Back towards the boat and Tahiti Beach.

Trolling towards Sojourn, Reid says, "we've got to go to Fire Fly".

So off we went another mile or so to a neat little resort for drinks.  This is apparently where the Firefly Sweet Tea that you can buy in the liquor stores is based.

I had a ridiculously delicious "Banana Split" drink...and sadly said our goodbyes until next time with the "gang"!

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  1. ...that all looks like fun...and I liked the top photo of the sunset...