Sunday, April 21, 2019

Scotland Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

The day started off very ominous looking!  A front that had been causing rough weather in the States made it over to the Abacos and brought wind and lots of rain.

So, I made more bagels while we waited out the storm.  By afternoon it had mostly passed and we pulled anchor.

We moved over to the private island Scotland Cay to await Dick and Lindy's arrival.  We had been invited to visit with Will and Rita who we had met in the Ragged Islands.  They own a vacation home on Scotland Cay -- and they have an EXTRA slip in the marina --- and a landing strip right next to the marina.  What more could a person need???

 A pretty green turtle right beside our boat.

He was just slowly swimming - not like all the frightened ones we see out in the mangroves that zip away as soon as they see you.

We took a little island tour with Rita and Will.  This is the view from their lovely home out across the Atlantic.

Over to the landing strip.

There are lots of planes here because it's Easter weekend.  Will says normally there are few planes.

A pretty sunset.

At the end of the tour, Will and Rita came aboard for a glass of wine.  Lovely of them to host us here! 

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