Sunday, April 7, 2019

Guana Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

Busy day today....

Met up with the crowd on Reid and Laurie's go-fast boat.

Buzzed down to Man O War Cay.

Pretty little town.

After a quick lunch on the boat, we headed to a little lagoon between islands.

In a tight little channel that gets really shallow at low tide.  This is Tim, a friend of Reid and Laurie's.

Lovely ladies!

Beautiful water.

Reid positioned the boat in a deep spot, then jumped in on the sandbar to deploy the stern anchor.

Buddy immediately made a new friend....a 6 week old "potcake" puppy.  (Basically a well-loved island stray).

The sandbar is just fun to wander.....I didn't get a photo, but Tim to his girlfriend Heather out away from the boat and proposed!!  She said yes!

More puppy love from a different puppy.

Beautiful!  (We did have a little trouble getting out because the tide was low....)

Back north we stopped at our boat for a cocktail.

Reid talked to his property manager/friend who was nearby, so he came over too!  We had two other boats tied up to Sojourn so I'm sure we were quite a sight in the anchorage!!

Had a nice visit with a lot of folks on the boat!!   Went back to Reid and Laurie's house for a wonderful meal. 

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