Friday, April 26, 2019

Abacos, Bahamas

Had a great time with Dick and Lindy during their short stay!  Relaxing on the way over to Little Harbour.

The legend tells that the folks who run the Pete's Pub Foundry sailed  to Abacos in the 1950's to escape "civilization" in the US.  They originally lived in some caves in the Little Harbour cove.

We explored a little bit - not sure I'd have wanted to live in this cave!

Took the dinghy over to Pete's Pub.

Sojourn in Little Harbour (we can only come in here on a high tide).

Moved the boat over to an area where we could go see a blue hole.  This is the shallow entrance to the mangrove creek.

Saw a pretty ray.

Couldn't really get a good photo of the blue hole since it is pretty large.  This is the ledge that drops off to 100's of feet of depth - a hole or tunnels connecting it to the ocean.

There is a plaque on shore that tells the tale of 3 SCUBA divers who tried to explore the tunnels about 20 years ago and perished!

Hard to see, but this is the ledge of the blue hole as it drops down to hundreds of feet deep with horizontal tunnels.

And captured a shot of a green turtle swimming away from us

Took a nice walk on Lynyard Cay to the ocean side.

Pretty scene, but up close there is alot of plastic trash....

We had planned to meet up with Rita and Will to snorkel at the Sandy Cay nature preserve, but the waves from the ocean were rolling in to the reef and it would have been uncomfortable.  So, we called them on the radio and decide to head to Snake Cay instead for a protected mangrove dinghy ride/snorkel.  We did a bit of snorkeling and had some lunch....and then we sortof got attacked by stinging pesky black flies!  We all decided to pull anchor and go somewhere else!

 Dick and Lindy's time was about to come to a close, so we headed back north, stopping at Tahiti Beach.

 Wandered the is the Thirsty 'Cuda - the food truck/boat.

Dick got Lindy and I a "Goombay Smash" - a nice, refreshing tropical drink.

 And that's about it for the trip!   Watched a movie in the evening - Lost in Translation - which apparently gets really good reviews.  But we all absolutely hated it!  Oh well.

And before we knew it - Dick and Lindy were taking off for their journey home!

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