Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Allen's Pensacola Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

We set sail for the 25 mile trip to Allen's Pensacola Cay in bright sunny skies. 

And were chased by these storms all day, but never got hit.  They did provide some great sailing winds though.

Pretty anchorage and uninhabited island.

The cruisers have left another of their marked trails over to the ocean side of the cay.

Jagged limestone at the shore and a good bit of washed-up plastic and fishing nets/lines.

On down the beach there is another marked trail.  This one I think the cruisers have gone a bit too far with the piled up junk.  I really think they should burn the stuff instead of this....some call it "quirky" - I call it a trash pile.  (I know it's hard to get rid of stuff when you're on a small boat - it's not like we could easily load the stuff up and take it away with us....)  

This trail leads to a sandier beach and this "signing tree" where the cruisers put their "signs".  Again, just a little too trashy for my taste.  

We were thinking that we saw a weather window to sail to NC at the end of the week, but the forecast has changed and it looks like it may be a while longer yet.  No worries!  More little islands to explore!

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  1. ...neat place...but I'm with you on the junk...and good use of some storm wind...