Friday, July 6, 2018

Busy - road work and haul out

We've been busy getting ready for the new engines.

First, we had a "work day" with the neighbors in Oriental.

We all gathered at 9am to address the shared road/cartpath.  There is no formal homeowners association- one of the ladies organizes the work day and asks for some shared "funding" for gravel, etc.

Lots of trimming brush along the road banks.  Duane is to the left in this photo.  Several folks had tractors so much was accomplished!

And then in the late afternoon after everyone had cleaned themselves up a bit, we gathered for a great pot luck.  Fun to meet a bunch of the neighbors.  And it was one of the neighbor's 86th birthday!  

They grilled hot dogs and hamburgers - and the lovely hostess grilled me a veggie burger!  So sweet.

Then this morning we got moving towards Beaufort for our 2pm haul out for the new engines!

It was hot and wind-less....the Intercoastal was dead calm most of the way.  I glanced out at the water and was amazed at the millions of jelly fish!!  No wonder you never see anyone swimming around here!  Each of the "tails" of these jelly fish are about 2' long and the "heads" are about as big as a man's fist.  Yucky!

We got to Jarrett Bay Boatworks just as a storm was threatening.....but it did pass us by.  The giant travel-lift is ready for us.

Sojourn out of the water.

See the "driver" on the right?  He's taking the boat over to the "wash pit".

The boat had gotten scummy since we'd scraped it in the Bahamas.  But really, we were surprised that there were almost no barnacles.   The guys at the yard made quick work of the scum with a power washer.

Out of the wash pit, it was on to the parking spot for the next few weeks.

We went to the engine shop and checked in.  Got to see our new engines!!

And they parked up beside an almost identical Manta!  Akira from Portland, OR.  Looks like they may be leaving the boat for hurricane season since all the sails and canvas are removed.   So, we'll start our work tomorrow on the bottom paint!


  1. ...a lot of work...but the road looks a lot nicer...



    ps...I didn't know the boat could sit on the ground like that...

  2. Haha, yes, since the catamarans have two hulls, they can just sit on the ground. In areas with huge tides, folks often anchor the boats close to shore and when the tide goes out, they have 4-6 hours to clean their hulls or do maintenance. We've never done that...

    People with monohull sailboats sometimes do the same thing....called careening....but their boat obviously "tips over" to one side, exposing most of one side. Of course, to clean both sides, they would require two tide cycles!! Probably more than you wanted to, K