Saturday, June 30, 2018


We had a great pot-luck with the sailing club -  first we had to get the clams baking!

Danny and Irene fired up their grill too since we had so many clams!

Tom and Diane shucked some raw clams.  They were wonderful!

The pot-luck was a huge success.   So much food and great new friends.

Before you knew it, time to head home.  We'd stayed five nights, a good amount for an Ocracoke visit!  Tom and Diane on Jupiter snapped this photo of us on the long motor home (there was zero wind and blazing hot!)

Back to River Dunes for a pump-out and a bit of diesel fuel.  We are passing Jerry and Donna on Bluejacket in the channel here.

And we were on the fuel dock with Jupiter - was a great trip!

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