Monday, June 11, 2018

Bomar hatch re-bedding

Two of our overhead hatches have leaks....time to fix them.  I'm tired of wiping up the drips!

Hard to see, but the hatch is basically a "sandwich" with a lip outside that is supposed to be 100% sealed and the interior plastic (yucky old yellowed plastic).

With a bit of prying and pushing, it's all apart.   Now the "cleanup" begins.  An amazing amount of caulk had to be removed.

Duane's pretty legs dangling into the salon while he worked on removing all the caulk on the exterior.  It took about 3 hours!

The yucky old caulk fell to the floor below.

Outside part cleaned and ready to reinstall.

Interior plastic painted and ready!

He put down a liberal amount of 3M 4200 marine sealant.

Hatch back in place!  We'll await the next rain to verify, but I think we've got it fixed!

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